Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Back......

Hi, I have been away a while but will again be posting on my Blog. I want to thank Cindy Lietz (beads and for encouraging all of us to post pictures on our blogs. 
I will be perfectly honest...I have NO idea what I am doing!! I may end up with clay pictures on this blog but then again it may end up being a picture of the floor.   I was able to select this pretty blue color in a font  large enough that most people my age can read it.  So, all is good.  
I continue to be immersed in Polymer Clay and love every minute of it.  I taught 2 PC community education classes last Fall.  I just finished teaching another community education Polymer Clay 10; the students made really pretty projects; I am SO proud of them.  I am teach two more classes in the winter session and then 3 again in the Spring session.    
I used to have to stalk people in Michaels and hobby lobby to tell them about the Des Moines Polymer Clay Club.  Now I have a captive audience and make a little extra money to support my clay habit. 
My husband has found a store to sell my clay heart necklaces.  He actually getting interested in this clay stuff.  He downloaded pictures from my camera to Photo Shop and help string hearts on cording and took the necklaces to the store.  I have an appointment at another store on Thursday to see if they want to sell my necklaces.  Maybe someday I can quit my "day job."
So, onto trying to find the help page to add pictures.