Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Learning Curve.

Ahhh... Trying to decide colors for this blog has been quite challenging. I used to be ahead of the game with computers and had a home computer in 1991,  Now, I can't keep up with this new technology and feel like a Dope; Dave Letterman refers to him as a Dope so that is pretty cool.

I wanted the blog template to be not too boring yiket not too Tutti Fruity.  Found the perfect combination and yet as I am typing the blog looks like mix of a manilla folder, mix stone ground  oatmeal and tan government furniture issued in the 60's.  I am not going to worry my pretty little brain over it.   
I am so excited about the upcoming International Polymer Clay retreat I can hardly stand it.  I have lots and lots to do to get my two beads ready for the retreat string that goes into the archives and plus I signed up for one swap, that mean 10 beads for that too.  I definetly am going to try something with the Ghost Cane Cindy Lietz taught. 
Let's see what was the topic? Was it Hands Across The Ocean , or Hands Across The Universe...I think that was a movie.   I know it had to do with "Hands" and something to do with black and white.  

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  1. Hi! I'm sure this will be a great blog and can't wait to see pictures of your polymer creations. Have a nice week!