Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back Home With a Few New Neurosynapses.

The retreat was great.  I so enjoyed meeting clayers and learning new things.  I do admit my tiny little brain  became a bit mushy by Tuesday morning. 

Things I learned about life and polymer clay. 
  • Your are clean after a shower even if you have green PC under your fingernails. 
  • Blue Tack: gotta get it, gotta have it. Use it to seal bottles of glue. Put a wad on an unfinished string of beads will prevent beads from falling off.  Make a U shaped long and put on the bottom of  bottom of a round canes to prevent distortion while slicing  and canes ends to reduce end distortion while reducing. Blue tack can be baked with PC.  Use to support clay when needed. Can used to make hollow beads, must score all around raw PC so it  allows a natural breaking point.  
  •  Never confuse Blue Tack for chewing gum. 
  • I am so excited and proud about my Steampunk experience, especially my dragon.   
  • Why is it that s many people  want to name dragon's George?   After much pondering, I have name mine Scamp. 
  • I want to thank Christi Friesen for point out finger prints in clay are not always bad. In fact they are your friends and can make a lovely texture background.   If ya can't keep 'em off your clay, put finger prints everywhere, just touch, touch, touch the clay.  Take your raw clay to Walmart and let every one add a few finger prints. Perhaps a neighborhood finger print soiree with some Pinot and Brie. 


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