Saturday, July 11, 2009

The day has finally arrived to leave for the clay retreat.  A friend of mine is going along for a little R and R but will not be participating in the retreat presentations.  She asked me what people wear to these events.  I was dumb founded, you mean I have to think about clothes.   I guess claying in my sleep shirt and my underwear just won't cut it at the Hilton.  
 I hadn't even thought about clean clothes and who knows how I am going to fit them into my suitcase.  I mean, don't I HAVE to bring every single  pack of PC with me?
My friend Becky will be attending.  She has 400 pounds of clay at home.  Yes...FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS, not packages...POUNDS.  
I have completed  my swap items and beads for the bead string.    I added a hand to my swap pieces and baked them right before I went to bed.  Just had to add more embellishment.  This morning I decided they looked ghastly and ripped the added hands off the piece.  Made new hand and the more I tried to smooth and shape the fingers the more they looked like monkey claws.  So, once again I am reminded "less is more" and if it looks good, stop messin' with it.    

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